Art - Cornerstone, Scalloway, Shetland, Scotland

Telephone: 01595 880 346
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The artwork shown are owned and copyright of the artist, the frames is added digitally.

The art is a digital copy and do not represent the artworks in their true size or depth & colour.
In the future we at the Cornerstone will be looking for more artworks to display/sell. We will be putting a post on our Facebook page when we change or need more art works, we have some criteria, the art should be in keeping with the theme: Sea, Shetland, Scalloway, Boats, Shetland wildlife and ready to hang. As art is very subjective the owners reserve the right to only take art which is in keeping with the surroundings in which the artwork is to be hung.

The Cornerstone B&B and Restaurant/Cafe
Burn Beach
Main Street
01595 880 346
© Copyright 2023 The Cornerstone. All rights reserved.
Proprietors: Mr & Mrs T McCaffrey, Scalloway, Shetland, Scotland.
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