Cornerstone, Scalloway, Shetland, Scotland

Telephone: 01595 880 346
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The Cornerstone


Cornerstone Cafe


Cornerstone Cafe


Cornerstone Cafe


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Cornerstone Cafe


Cornerstone Cafe


Welcome to the The Cornerstone Bed & Breakfast and Restaurant/Café web site, the Cornerstone is a family owned and run business and  is centrally located in the charming picturesque village of Scalloway (Old Norse:Skálavágr – "bay with the large house/s") and is the largest settlement on the west side of Shetland with a population of approximately 1200. Until 1708 Scalloway was the capital of the Shetland.

The Cornerstone itself was built in the 1880’s from Hildasay granite (Hildasay is an island just out of the Scalloway harbour to the west, and is reachable by boat, some of the granite quarried on Hildasay in the 19th century and was carried by wool clippers as far afield as Australia) the Cornerstone has had quite a long and interesting history, from being shops, restaurant, Post office, upstairs was residential home and latterly the ground floor was the old Scalloway museum, the facade of the building hasn’t changed much over its life, but it has been totally refurbished inside and out.

As well as being a fishing port Scalloway is now a base for the supply boats for the oil industry on the west side of Shetland. Scalloway is also notable for its contribution to the Second world war and the Shetland Bus, more information can be found about the Shetland Bus at the Scalloway museum, which is just a short walk (less than five minutes) from the Cornerstone. As well as the museum there is the Scalloway Castle, the Castle is closed until further notice for essential conservation works. The Cornerstone is central to all of Scalloway’s amities including shops, Swimming pool, Post Office and Pharmacy and just next door to a newly opened knitwear shop(Harbour Knitwear), the nearest bus stop is just a short walk to the local public hall, the bus stop is just opposite.

We have just added our YouTube channel to our Web site, it includes videos of the Cornerstone and the Scalloway Fire Festival Tall Ships (July 2023) (Enjoy).

At the Cornerstone, we are providing a showcase and hanging space for local artists (and photographers at some point in the future), all of the artworks hanging in the Restaurant and guest rooms are on loan from local artists and are for sale, as we develop as a business we hope to be able to open up this opportunity to more local artists. We have this page on our web site showing some of the art works.
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The Cornerstone B&B and Restaurant/Cafe
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